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2021: A Year In Review | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

2021: A Year In Review

Its that time of year again… Grab a cup of coffee, friends, and cozy up with my 2021: A Year in Review!

Every year since 2014, I have been picking a word to guide me through my year. This year, ADVENTURE joined the ranks of Unafraid, Up, Choose, Care, Intent, Move, and Joyful. Mostly, I wanted to have more fun this year after the absolute dumpster fire that was most of 2020.

Personally, this year was full of adventures for me and Justin and our little family of cats. Justin started a new job in March, and while his commute isn’t my favorite, seeing him love his job and the way our lives are going right now after so many years of grief is refreshing. We moved into a new house that was all ours in April after living with his parents for the last few years. In June, we adopted a new kitten we named Nickels. He has been terrorizing the Old Man Kitten ever since, haha, and Mew still doesn’t understand why he’s here in her house.

My 2021 wedding season started in the middle of April, the weekend after we were finished moving into the new house. Might as well upend the entire routine as long as we’re already moving, right? I cut down on my hours being Drive Thru Queen at my day job in order to meet my deadlines this season. And, to my pleasant surprise, in between sessions and culling and editing and being Drive Thru Queen and chauffeuring Justin to and from work, I still made time for fun (and rest!) this year.

This year, I have had so much fun figuring out my home decor style — and thrifting for the perfect treasures both in person and on Instagram. I started listening to audiobooks again and dove deep into memoirs that have been on my list forever. My favorite authors keep me company on long drives to and from weddings, plus on my way home from dropping Justin off at work every night. According to my Spotify Wrapped, my inner-emo-kid came out this year too because I was in the top .08% of people who listened to My Chemical Romance the most. (And all of a sudden, I feel like I’m fourteen all over again.)

This year, I made so many images that I am proud of. This is really just a snippet of all of the incredible moments that I captured for you in 2021.

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