Class of 2023 | Waupaca High

Curly haired red headed boy in glasses poses for his senior pictures in a red plaid button down shirt. Class of 2023 at Waupaca High School.

Waupaca High School | Class of 2023 | Patrik

Doing senior photos always takes me back to my roots. I started my business in 2009 doing senior photos for my friends, Class of 2010. It blows my mind that now, here I am taking photos for Class of 2023. Whenever I can make room for a quick session in my schedule between wedding season, I never say no. Patrik is the little brother of one of my former co-workers, and let me just say — I feel old. I cannot believe Patrik is a senior already!

As I mentioned, Patrik’s older brother and I used to work together at Hardee’s. But another special connection I have with this family is that one of my cats, Nickels, came from them! I love sending them updates on my little yellow eyed bandit. Hearing all the funny stories of what his siblings are getting up to (and into!) as well makes my day.

His mom also had a small request at the beginning of his session for a family photo with all of her boys together. I laughed and assured her it would take five minutes, not even. Everyone begrudgingly left the heated mini van and ventured out into the cold with me and said, “Please, please make this quick” while they shivered through chattering teeth.

I live to serve, my friends.

Finally, make sure you scroll to the end to see the perfect family shot — and keep scrolling to see Patrik’s Class of 2023 yearbook photos!

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your senior photos! Class of 2024, make the first move!

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