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Currently: February | Behind The Scenes

Coffee mug I am currently using that reads You are strong, beautiful, bold, and brave.

Currently: February | Behind The Scenes

Currently, a look at what’s happening behind the scenes at AGP!

Drinking coffee out of my favorite Rachel Allene pep talk mug from last year. This one from this years Valentines Day launch is super similar!

Celebrating finally being done watching Degrassi, haha!

Which also means I am finally watching the new seasons of Queer Eye and Cheer.

Setting up my new printer that’s been sitting in my office since November, haha.

Brainstorming some ideas for a scrapbook of sorts.

Using my Get to Work Book to keep myself on track with my to-do lists.

Counting down the days to Daylight Savings + spring + my photography season starting for the year.

Napping on the mornings I have to get Justin from work + be Drive Thru Queen.

Dancing it out to a lot of Halsey and Mayday Parade as of late.

Reading Words From the Window Seat by Taylor Tippett and savoring every chapter.

Recovering from a mild concussion… I managed to slam my head against my van trying to get in on accident. 🤦‍♀️

And taking the van to the mechanic every other week because my power steering lines like to blow because of the cold.

Working on some photos I took at the Central Wisconsin Wedding + Fashion Show in January.

Mailing out albums and keepsake boxes and I am so excited for my clients to hold them in their hands.

Using Flodesk to send out updates to my email list every week. Are you getting the party in your inbox?

Wishing y’all a happy Monday + a happy Valentine’s Day!

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