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Girl in headband working in her office. Text reads Currently, May, Behind the Scenes.

Currently: May | Behind the Scenes

Every month I share a Currently post here on the blog to give y’all a little peek at what’s going on behind the scenes and in the backend of my business + what’s happening in my personal life!

CelebratingTurning THIRTY in April! I had a lot to say about my twenties, but I will just leave it at this: do more of the things that set your soul on fire instead of setting yourself on fire to self-destruct.

Listening to… Podcasts! Not so Picture Perfect with Alyssa Hollis, Elise Gets Crafty by Elise Cripe, and Brand It, Build It from With Grace And Gold are three of my current favs.

WatchingGlee. I was searching through my Prime Video purchases and found the first four seasons of Glee. As a fun throwback to my high school/college days, the songs get stuck in my head for days. And it makes for good background noise while I’m editing!

ReadingEast of Eden by John Steinbeck. Falling deep into the story of the Trask and Hamilton families has been keeping me company on the drive to get Justin from work in the morning. And East of Eden > Grapes of Wrath and no one can change my mind.

Counting down to… Wedding Season! I have my first wedding of the year on Friday at Clearwater Harbor and I am so pumped.

Working on… Engagement sessions! Every year I seem to kick off my photography season with a few engagement sessions sprinkled in before wedding season fully starts, and it is such a good feeling to hang out with my couples and get to know them better during their e-sesh!

Planning… Peony Sessions! Kuckuk Farms in Wautoma is hosting Peony Days the weekend of June 11. Who wants pictures in the peonies?!

Booking… Summer family sessions! Has it been a while since you updated your family photos? No better time than summer vacation to get them updated! Get it touch and let’s do the dang thing!

Sending… Emails to my email list! I have some super fun things coming up in the next few weeks — the start of wedding season, summer weddings, and everybody’s favorite… SUNFLOWER MINI SESSIONS. I have also figured out how to bring the sunflowers to my Central Wisconsin friends. Get on the email list to be the first to know when the info drops and bookings go live!

*These Currently posts are just for fun — none of the links shared are sponsored or affiliate. I am sharing just because I love it!

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Coffee mug I am currently using that reads You are strong, beautiful, bold, and brave.

Currently: February | Behind The Scenes

Currently, a look at what’s happening behind the scenes at AGP!

Drinking coffee out of my favorite Rachel Allene pep talk mug from last year. This one from this years Valentines Day launch is super similar!

Celebrating finally being done watching Degrassi, haha!

Which also means I am finally watching the new seasons of Queer Eye and Cheer.

Setting up my new printer that’s been sitting in my office since November, haha.

Brainstorming some ideas for a scrapbook of sorts.

Using my Get to Work Book to keep myself on track with my to-do lists.

Counting down the days to Daylight Savings + spring + my photography season starting for the year.

Napping on the mornings I have to get Justin from work + be Drive Thru Queen.

Dancing it out to a lot of Halsey and Mayday Parade as of late.

Reading Words From the Window Seat by Taylor Tippett and savoring every chapter.

Recovering from a mild concussion… I managed to slam my head against my van trying to get in on accident. 🤦‍♀️

And taking the van to the mechanic every other week because my power steering lines like to blow because of the cold.

Working on some photos I took at the Central Wisconsin Wedding + Fashion Show in January.

Mailing out albums and keepsake boxes and I am so excited for my clients to hold them in their hands.

Using Flodesk to send out updates to my email list every week. Are you getting the party in your inbox?

Wishing y’all a happy Monday + a happy Valentine’s Day!

*These Currently posts are purely just for fun — these links are not sponsored or affiliate. I am sharing just because I love it.

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Currently: January | Behind The Scenes

Writing this in real time on Tuesday morning.

Drinking all the coffee out of my new Rachel Allene mug to survive everything going wrong with my vehicle lately.

Playing around with A Color Story again to edit my photos.

Working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes!

Finally putting everything I have been learning for the past three years into place.

Getting ready for the Central Wisconsin Wedding + Fashion Show in Waupaca THIS WEEKEND! If you’re local, drop by and see me!

Watching Degrassi… two seasons left, haha! And then I can start Degrassi Next Class!

Reading Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher (again).

Listening to reputation on repeat during all my drives lately.

Making dinner on my nights off! These green beans are our fav side dish right now.

Using my air fryer at least twice a week.

Saying goodbye to my little Malibu that needs a new transmission.

Wishing y’all a happy Tuesday!

Currently: December | Behind the Scenes

Drinking coffee out of this years addition to my Rachel Allene holiday mug collection!

Celebrating some pretty big things falling into place for 2022!

Working on albums, albums, albums right now.

Writing end of the year wrap ups for 2021.

Ordering a new Get to Work Book for 2022.

Daydreaming about setting goals and what I want to achieve in the new year.

Reading Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle. Listen here on Audible!

Watching Degrassi: The Next Generation after binging the OG Degrassi from the 80s.

Catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and brb, pass the tissues!

Constantly re-decorating the Christmas tree. #catmom

Wrapping presents that are going straight in the closet for the same reasons.

Making homemade Chex Mix for Christmas festivities.

Breaking out my air fryer, a gift from my mom, for Christmas dinner this year — steaks with mushrooms, baked potatoes, and fresh green beans.

Wishing my best friend a happy birthday today! And y’all a happy Monday.

Fa La La La coffee mug in front of a snowy front yard.

Currently: November | Behind the Scenes

Drinking coffee out of one of my new Rachel Allene Christmas mugs.

Marveling over the quiet of the first snow of the season.

Grateful for my anxiety meds when it comes time to drive on the freeway to taking Justin to and from work in the snow.

Cozying up with The Time Traveler’s Wife and cozy flannel pj pants from American Eagle. (similar)

Watching Degrassi: The Next Generation after binging all the old episodes from the 80s on YouTube.

Editing my last session from October and then I can check busy season 2021 off my list!

Making wedding albums and ordering prints for Christmas gifts.

Getting a Black Friday Deal ready for the email list!

Reminiscing on Jennie + Stef and Hannah + Jordan‘s engagement sessions from the blog last month.

Working on planning my Instagram feed out in advance again instead of winging it like I’ve been doing all October, lol.

Drive Thru Queen-ing my life away these days.

Wishing y’all a Happy Monday!

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