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Currently: May

Currently, a Pink speckled coffee mug with a white illustrated flower drawing being held up in morning light.

Currently: May | Behind the Scenes

Every month I share a Currently post here on the blog to give y’all a little peek at what’s going on behind the scenes and in the backend of my business + what’s happening in my personal life!

Drinking… all the coffee because, surprise surprise — my sleep schedule is non-existent again!

Getting… used to a new routine since I got a part time job at Culvers! Drive Thru Queen is back, baby.

Bringing… back the thirty-second dance party to get me through my shifts being Drive Thru Queen. Some things never change!

Editing… an anniversary session + sweet newborn photos of returning clients.

Feeling… so grateful that my clients trust me to capture their memories and come back year after year.

Doubting… myself and my abilities a lot more than usual these days, and they always remind me that I am doing something right.

Exporting… my first big wedding of the year.

Crying… because I don’t have another big wedding on my calendar until September this year!

Booking… Peony Days Minis at Kuckuk Farms in June — see more inspo or book your session here!

Watching… Queer Eye to unwind after watching things like The Girl in the Picture doc and the Marilyn Monroe Tapes.

Freaking out… over the Speak Now TV announcement that I most definitely watched on a grainy livestream.

Listening to… my usual mashup of pop punk + bubblegum throwbacks every day.

Counting down… until the Duggar Documentary is released on Amazon. (Only 11 more days!)

Wishing y’all a happy Monday.

*These Currently posts are just for fun — none of the links shared are sponsored or affiliate. I am sharing just because I love it!


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