Family Session at Thompsons Sunflower Farm in Bristol, WI.

Thompsons Strawberry Farm Sunflower Session

It’s my favorite time of year… Sunflower Season! This year, I headed out to Thompsons Sunflower Farm in Bristol for a family session. And, let me tell you, it was everything my sunflower loving dreams are made of. As it turns out, Im traveling all over for sunflowers this year! To Bristol and the Burlington area in August, and all the way up to Merrill in September… What can I say? I love sunflowers.

Melanie and her husband, Brad, and their little boy, Wesley, are the kind of clients I always dream about having. They went with the flow — trust me, when you have a two-year-old, you let them run the show! Wes was about running up and down the sunflower paths and Brad was up for the job to chase him down.

When Melanie booked her sunflower session via my email list release, I was so pumped. Melanie and I went to high school together, and the last time I saw her and Brad was at her best friend Emma’s wedding — which I also photographed! She told me she had a little announcement to share when we took photos… Make sure you scroll to the end to see their big news!

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Barnwood Farms family session in Waupaca, WI.

Barnwood Farms Family Session

I take the Lasky’s family photos every summer. This year, we headed out to Barnwood Farms in Waupaca for their family session! Amanda and I seem to have a thing for wandering around flower fields this summer, and on this particular weekend, we dragged Greg and Emmet along with us for some pictures, haha.

The weekend that we went, the flowers weren’t quite at peak yet, so if anyone wants to go back to Barnwood Farms with me, get in touch!

After we finished at Barnwood Farms, we headed to Red Mill for some coffee (their smores mocha is delicious!) and took a walk through the grounds by the covered bridge and their cute little wedding chapel. I am so glad I brought my camera because we stumbled upon a bunch of geese making their way through the woods!

Sidebar If anyone wants to get married at Red Mill, I promise you, I’m your girl!

I love taking the Lasky’s family photos every year. Amanda and I used to work together being Drive Thru Queen, and her husband, Greg, and I cook up mini sessions together once a year! When their son, Emmet, was born, they were pregnant with twins. Due to complications during pregnancy, they lost Emmets twin brother, Scott. The bears in their family photos represent the brother that watches over them from heaven every day.

Emmet was also a micro-preemie, just like I was when I was born! I always feel such a special connection to these families with the shared experience of NICU graduation days.

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How to Style Your Family For Spring Mini Sessions

Styling Guide For Spring Mini Sessions

When was the last time you updated your family photos? Has it been a while? I see you over there, mama. And I know figuring out what your family should wear for pictures more often than not feel like pulling teeth. I am here to make styling spring minis for your family photos a little bit easier with a styling guide just for you!

I see you, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, looking for inspiration for your family photos. All of these families seem perfectly styled, makeup done, not a hair out of place, dad looks happy to be there, and their kids are perfectly coordinated with one another.

Can I really be her?

Can I really get photos like that of my family?

What colors should we wear?

Should we match or just coordinate?

Can I really get the look of those family photos I see all over Pinterest and Instagram?

I am here to tell you, spoiler alert — YES. YES YOU CAN.

Enter Spring Mini Sessions 2022. We are scouting out the apple blossoms this year, and I am so excited to share their magic with all of you. Keep scrolling to see your styling guide for spring minis this year!

Mood Board for Spring Mini Sessions
Color Palette for the pink trees during Spring Mini Sessions

Picture this: beautiful morning sunlight in a grove of apple blossom trees, you and the people you love most running around under pink petals and having a fun Saturday date while I just third wheel with my camera. Doesn’t that sound so beautiful?

Come take in the magic with me and run around the pink trees and have some fun!

Your Styling Guide for Spring Mini Sessions

First, always look for pieces that coordinate well together instead of trying to match everyone in the same thing.

Dress Mom First

Dress inspiration for mom in the Spring Mini Session Styling Guide

Amazon Shopping Inspiration

Dress mom first. What you wear during your photos will set the tone for how the rest of your family dresses. While you’re out shopping, look for longer dresses that have movement in the skirt. If it’s long and flowy, I can guarantee it will move well during your photo session.

Coordinate with kids

Outfit inspiration for kids in the Spring Mini Session Styling Guide

Amazon Shopping Inspiration

Next, dress your kiddos! When choosing a color palette, I recommend choosing colors that accent well with your outfit. Reds and pinks pop with greens. Orange will pop against navy. Purple against yellow. Once you have your color palette in mind, pick outfits for your kids in coordinating colors with pieces that make their personality shine through.

Dress Dad Last

Shirt inspiration for dad in the Spring Mini Session Styling Guide

Amazon Shopping Inspiration

Finally, tell dad to throw on some dress pants or khakis and hand him a shirt to wear! I’ve included some casual options as well as a few more formal shirts. We all know what the weather in Wisconsin can be like during Spring.

Speaking of — Spring Mini Sessions are being moved! It seems the trees are blooming late this year. Sunday May 22 is our new Mini Session Day. Have you booked your session yet? Get in touch and let’s get you in the books!

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PINK Is The Word: Spring Mini Sessions 2022

Spring. We have been dreaming about it all winter long. And what better way to celebrate the end of these long, dark days than by looking forward to SPRING MINI SESSIONS? This year, we are going all out with one of my favorite parts of spring — the apple blossoms.

Last year, when we moved into a house with a pink tree in the front yard, it felt like crossing something off my bucket list. And, much like with my annual sunflower sessions in Burlington, I want to share the magic of the pink trees with all of you. I have had this vision of Spring Mini Sessions in a grove of pink trees since 2017 when I first picked up my camera again after a long hiatus from photography. And so, pink is the word.

Alexa, play “Grease” by Frankie Valli to set the mood.

Pink tree mood board for spring mini sessions 2022


Picture this: beautiful morning sunlight in a grove of apple blossom trees, you and the people you love most running around under pink petals and having a fun Saturday date while I just third wheel with my camera. Doesn’t that sound so beautiful?

Come take in the magic with me and run around the pink trees and have some fun!

If the trees don’t cooperate, we will be moving these sessions! Or if Mother Nature throws a wrench in our plans, a tentative rain date will be the following weekend, Saturday May 14.

Sessions are $35 for a 20-minute session with 15 edited images delivered to you in an online gallery with a one-year print release sent to your email. You can book your session online on my website by clicking here!

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Family sitting on a blanket in the woods during their fall mini session.

Wayerski Family Fall Mini Session

Fall Mini Session time! These sessions are always so fun for me to photograph. The families that come out + the memories we make together are always some of my favorites when I look back on the year for the blog. Back when I was working in a commercial studio, I always dreamed about one day doing family photos the way I wanted to do them. Lifestyle, documentary, candid images with some of those traditional photos thrown into the mix — which definitely isn’t routine for the ONE-TWO-THREE-SAY-CHEEEEESE! crowd.

The Wayerski family and I had a blast during their session! Their kiddos were so fun and showed me their best smiles for the occasion. These photos make great additions to your yearly Christmas card. Either as the main feature or an add-on that you slip inside for your favorite people to hang on their fridge!

Speaking of mini sessions… Info on spring mini sessions is dropping to the email list next week! Teaming up with Next Stop Kids Shop the last few years has been so much fun, and I am so excited to do it again this year! Sign up here for the email list if you’re not getting the dance party in your inbox and want to be the first to know when Spring Mini Sessions 2022 go live!

This year I am envisioning pink trees and your sweet kiddos running and playing in a grove of apple blossom petals. Stay tuned for that!

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Family sitting on a blanket in the woods during their fall mini session.

Kristopeit Family Fall Mini Session

When Emily emailed me about setting up her family’s fall mini session and mentioned that she had a three month old daughter, not gonna lie, I kind of panicked at first. Photographing tiny babies, newborns and really any baby that can’t sit up on their own yet, used to scare me to death. Posing and comforting and swaddling them is not my forte. Thank god for lifestyle documentary photography.

This approach allows me to take a step back and just observe and document your family and the way you interact together as a family. Emily started singing to baby Aria when she got fussy and hearing mama’s voice calmed her almost instantly. Dad joined in the singing and watching them all together warmed my heart and brought me so much joy. That’s why I do this, y’all.

These parents also came prepared with a bottle, a boppy pillow, and some of their princesses favorite toys. (I am also not above bribing your kiddos with fruit snacks once they are a little older, haha!)

One of my personal mottos is Nervous Means Do It — and we did the dang thing, y’all! This family session was a good lesson for me in never letting fear get in the way of doing the thing that you love the most in this world.

“Are you scared or are you nervous? Scared means ask for help. Nervous means do it.”

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Fall family session at Iverson Park in Stevens Point, WI.

Fall Family Session at Iverson Park

When Megan emailed me about a fall family session in 2020, I was so excited to photograph her sweet family! She follows me on Instagram and I am constantly amazed at all the wonderful people that little app has brought into my life. Her kiddos are so sweet and they were so down to play and run around and just be kiddos… also known as my favorite kind of family session.

Capturing your moments from a lifestyle perspective is something I have strived to capture in all my family sessions. When I worked at a commercial studio from 2011-2013, posing families and getting everyone to ONE-TWO-THREE-SMILE AND SAY CHEEEEEEESE! gave me so much anxiety. The perfectionist in me was always screaming, These aren’t perfect. You aren’t perfect. And, honestly, it made me want to quit photography for a while.

Getting back into family photography, I knew that I wanted to capture your moments and memories on top of getting a few of those key group photos everyone wants for grandma to hang on her walls. Letting your kiddos run and play and be kids make for the best photos.

And,as always, October is always the gift that keeps on giving around these parts. Every busy season I say to myself, “I am going to give myself time to take a break!” and then I laugh from my editing cave as I pour myself another cup of coffee to stare at my screen for 6-8 hours. But reliving the magic now at the end of February is pretty sweet if you ask me.

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Couple dancing in the autumn woods and golden light.

Autumn Woods Couples Session in Waupaca, WI

This couples session in the autumn woods makes me swoon when I am scrolling through the archives. Lane and I have followed each other on Instagram for a few years. I watched her travel the country and get married this summer, plus adopt the cutest puppy via Instagram and lowkey hoped that one day, I would get to photograph her and her husband, Zach, together.

When she reached out about a fall mini session with her husband Zach and their puppy, Rory, I couldn’t not say yes! We met on a chilly October morning in the most perfect light in the autumn woods.

Their puppy Rory is such a character! At five months old, she loved being able to run the trail and look for all the sticks that were bigger than her to drag around! I cant believe how much bigger she’s gotten since we took these photos through her updates on Instagram. And I occasionally see them going for walks in my neighborhood too.

I can’t not mention that Lane also runs a small business called Wisco Knot Shop! Her macrame decor + keychains, coasters, hat racks… they’re all stunning. Community over competition is how we do things in my corner of the internet, and I love shouting out the small businesses that my clients are working so hard for!

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Burlington Fall Mini Session | Lesser Family

This years fall mini sessions in Burlington were at the old fish hatchery. I have been running up and down these bridges and trails since the very beginning of my photography journey all the way back in high school. Bringing my clients here and letting them in on the magic of this place too feels like the greatest gift.

Fall Mini Sessions are the perfect way to get updated photos for your family Christmas cards! Mini sessions are perfect for kiddos and babies and their attention spans.

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Burlington Fall Mini Session | John Margis Jr. Wildlife Area | Hilderbrand Family

This family session was a dream come true for me! I have been friends with Breeyn since high school. We met during our spring drama production of High School Musical! Yes, we were that school in 2006, haha. My mom is also friends with her husband, James!

Their twins, Liam and Raina, are also micropreemies just like I was when I was born.

This fall mini session was their first time having their family photos taken since the twins were born in March 2020, and I am so honored that they chose me for their photos.

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