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Family Session at Thompsons Sunflower Farm in Bristol, WI.

Thompsons Strawberry Farm Sunflower Session

It’s my favorite time of year… Sunflower Season! This year, I headed out to Thompsons Sunflower Farm in Bristol for a family session. And, let me tell you, it was everything my sunflower loving dreams are made of. As it turns out, Im traveling all over for sunflowers this year! To Bristol and the Burlington area in August, and all the way up to Merrill in September… What can I say? I love sunflowers.

Melanie and her husband, Brad, and their little boy, Wesley, are the kind of clients I always dream about having. They went with the flow — trust me, when you have a two-year-old, you let them run the show! Wes was about running up and down the sunflower paths and Brad was up for the job to chase him down.

When Melanie booked her sunflower session via my email list release, I was so pumped. Melanie and I went to high school together, and the last time I saw her and Brad was at her best friend Emma’s wedding — which I also photographed! She told me she had a little announcement to share when we took photos… Make sure you scroll to the end to see their big news!

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Sunflower Mini Sessions are live for booking

Sunflower Mini Sessions

It’s really no secret that I love flower fields. If you’ve been around for a little while, you may know that sunflower season is my absolute favorite time of the year. Every summer in Burlington, I do sunflower mini sessions at a local sunflower field — and this year is no different! Except that in some ways, it kind of is!

This year, I found another sunflower field! And I am so excited to announce that Sunflower Mini Sessions are coming to Central Wisconsin this year! (Insert all the heart eyes and party poppers here, y’all!)

I am so excited to share the sunflower fields and their magic with all of you this year.

So here’s the deets…

JULY 30 – Burlington, WI @ Oak Rest Farms Sunflowers, 6138 S Pine St, Burlington, WI 53105

AUGUST 13 – Wautoma, WI @ Kuckuk Farms, W9756 Dakota Ave, Wautoma, WI 54982

Mini Sessions are 20 minutes long and include 15 edited images, sent to your email through my online gallery service. This is how you will download your photos and even share them with your friends and family! Along with your online gallery, you will receive a 1-year print release PDF from me in your inbox. If you opt to print your photos elsewhere, most places will require a print release in order to print professional images.

Professional prints and other products are also available for purchase from my store inside of your gallery.

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How to Style Your Family For Spring Mini Sessions

Styling Guide For Spring Mini Sessions

When was the last time you updated your family photos? Has it been a while? I see you over there, mama. And I know figuring out what your family should wear for pictures more often than not feel like pulling teeth. I am here to make styling spring minis for your family photos a little bit easier with a styling guide just for you!

I see you, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, looking for inspiration for your family photos. All of these families seem perfectly styled, makeup done, not a hair out of place, dad looks happy to be there, and their kids are perfectly coordinated with one another.

Can I really be her?

Can I really get photos like that of my family?

What colors should we wear?

Should we match or just coordinate?

Can I really get the look of those family photos I see all over Pinterest and Instagram?

I am here to tell you, spoiler alert — YES. YES YOU CAN.

Enter Spring Mini Sessions 2022. We are scouting out the apple blossoms this year, and I am so excited to share their magic with all of you. Keep scrolling to see your styling guide for spring minis this year!

Mood Board for Spring Mini Sessions
Color Palette for the pink trees during Spring Mini Sessions

Picture this: beautiful morning sunlight in a grove of apple blossom trees, you and the people you love most running around under pink petals and having a fun Saturday date while I just third wheel with my camera. Doesn’t that sound so beautiful?

Come take in the magic with me and run around the pink trees and have some fun!

Your Styling Guide for Spring Mini Sessions

First, always look for pieces that coordinate well together instead of trying to match everyone in the same thing.

Dress Mom First

Dress inspiration for mom in the Spring Mini Session Styling Guide

Amazon Shopping Inspiration

Dress mom first. What you wear during your photos will set the tone for how the rest of your family dresses. While you’re out shopping, look for longer dresses that have movement in the skirt. If it’s long and flowy, I can guarantee it will move well during your photo session.

Coordinate with kids

Outfit inspiration for kids in the Spring Mini Session Styling Guide

Amazon Shopping Inspiration

Next, dress your kiddos! When choosing a color palette, I recommend choosing colors that accent well with your outfit. Reds and pinks pop with greens. Orange will pop against navy. Purple against yellow. Once you have your color palette in mind, pick outfits for your kids in coordinating colors with pieces that make their personality shine through.

Dress Dad Last

Shirt inspiration for dad in the Spring Mini Session Styling Guide

Amazon Shopping Inspiration

Finally, tell dad to throw on some dress pants or khakis and hand him a shirt to wear! I’ve included some casual options as well as a few more formal shirts. We all know what the weather in Wisconsin can be like during Spring.

Speaking of — Spring Mini Sessions are being moved! It seems the trees are blooming late this year. Sunday May 22 is our new Mini Session Day. Have you booked your session yet? Get in touch and let’s get you in the books!

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