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Sunflower Farm Family Session

Family Session at Thompsons Sunflower Farm in Bristol, WI.

Thompsons Strawberry Farm Sunflower Session

It’s my favorite time of year… Sunflower Season! This year, I headed out to Thompsons Sunflower Farm in Bristol for a family session. And, let me tell you, it was everything my sunflower loving dreams are made of. As it turns out, Im traveling all over for sunflowers this year! To Bristol and the Burlington area in August, and all the way up to Merrill in September… What can I say? I love sunflowers.

Melanie and her husband, Brad, and their little boy, Wesley, are the kind of clients I always dream about having. They went with the flow — trust me, when you have a two-year-old, you let them run the show! Wes was about running up and down the sunflower paths and Brad was up for the job to chase him down.

When Melanie booked her sunflower session via my email list release, I was so pumped. Melanie and I went to high school together, and the last time I saw her and Brad was at her best friend Emma’s wedding — which I also photographed! She told me she had a little announcement to share when we took photos… Make sure you scroll to the end to see their big news!

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