Gilbert Lake Family Session

Family stands on the dock of their summer house on Gilbert Lake.

Gilbert Lake Family Session | The Ransom Family

Holiday weekends are the perfect time to round up your extended fam for some family photos. With Labor Day Weekend right around the corner, whos ready for some photos at the lake house before summer ends? The Ransom family had that very idea over July 4th weekend at their summer house on Gilbert Lake.

Doing a full session with your extended family is no small feat. Getting everyone together is half the battle, and if you’re all going to be in the same place for a family vacation, might as well take the opportunity! These are the photos that you will look back on later and marvel at how much your family has grown and how important your Yaya and Papa are to your family infrastructure.

We took advantage of their amazing lake views and even brought out the boat for a few photos. Then we ventured out front for some more portraits and everyone had a blast — even the three-year-old who talked about Paw Patrol non-stop. The greatest thing you can do during your family session is let your kids be kids — and the photos more than speak for themselves. Let them jump with their cousins and sit on the fence. They’ll come around!

I had Yaya and Papa kiss during our session and Papa said, “Wow! This is the longest kiss I’ve had in I don’t even know how long!” That alone makes it worth it, y’all.

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