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Currently: October | Behind the Scenes

Coffee cup in front of fall trees in morning light, behind the scenes


Every month I share a Currently post here on the blog to give y’all a little peek at what’s going on behind the scenes and in the backend of my business + what’s happening in my personal life!

Chugging… coffee and water to get me through busy season — the perfect excuse to break out my Rachel Allene collection!

Using… these under eye patches and this mask for some self-care once a week

Editing… photos from my last wedding of the season

Appreciating… having the time to dedicate to editing now that I’m not so stressed and burnt out!

Prepping… for a slew of family sessions these last couple weeks of October

Celebrating… Season 19 of Grey’s premiering last Thursday! (I like the new interns)

Watching… Gilmore Girls. ’Tis the season!

Loving… cream cheese, hot honey, and Everything But the Bagel seasoning (plus or minus avocado!) on a bagel for breakfast every morning

Trying… to get my sleep schedule back on track — busy season has turned me into a night owl this year!

Snuggling… with the cats under the blankets so I can stay cozy for a little longer when I wake up in the morning

Getting… my Halloween tutus + witches hat ready to make their annual appearance

Making… Justin watch Hocus Pocus 1 AND 2 with me (He is thrilled, I promise)

Listening to… my editing playlist on repeat

Thinking… about Christmas tree farm mini sessions this year! Info coming soon!

Wishing… y’all a happy Monday, happy October, and happy busy season!

*These Currently posts are just for fun — none of the links shared are sponsored or affiliate. I am sharing just because I love it!


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