Emmons Creek Lifestyle Session

Golden hour portrait at Emmons Creek in Waupaca, WI.

Emmons Creek Lifestyle Session

Abby and I shoot together every summer. This year was we made it adventure girl summer. We celebrated both hanging up our Drive Thru Queen crowns at the same time by taking pictures together before she left me (again) to go back to school and learn stuff and get S-M-R-T. Abby suggested going on an adventure to Emmons Creek this year — and I never say no to an adventure!

I have never been to Emmons Creek and I love exploring new-to-me places. It is one of the magical parts of being a photographer. Finding the best light, the best angles, and in true Tim Gunn fashion, making it work. We wandered into the woods and let me just say — thank god for bug spray! We would have gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes otherwise.

There is also something to be said for frolicking through a field in golden hour light. It always reminds me high school. Of being seventeen and discovering the magic of taking pictures for the first time. Of sun flares and senior pictures and my first 365 project, and using my camera just for fun. Simpler times, a simpler life. It’s always fun to return to those seasons of life that give you those warm fuzzy feelings inside.

These sessions with Abby always leave me filled with joy and they are so much fun.

Click here for a fun throwback from our sparkler session 2020!

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